Consequent to the trifurcation of TNEB into 3 corporations viz. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd and Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Ltd., under G.O.Ms.No.100 Energy (B2) Department dated 19.10.2010, wherein the Corporations are being governed by Companies Act (1956) and come under the ambit of Electricity Act, 2003, the hitherto followed rules, regulations, system etc., have to be revised as stipulated in the above said acts. Hence it is essential for the officials working in the corporations concerned become updated and conversant with the changed rules, regulations, commercial accounting system etc., hence it was decided to conduct the Departmental test internally during Nov 2013 vide B.P.No.34 dt.04.07.2013. Annexure I & II

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I. Departmental Test for Technical Officers
II. Departmental Test for Accounts Officers
III. Departmental Test for Internal Audit Officers
IV. Departmental Accounts Test for subordinate Officers ( SO-13B-01 )